Reciprocal registration

Online Reciprocal Borrowing registration is available to current students and staff of Curtin, ECU, Murdoch, UWA and UNDA.  You can now register online before travelling to the libraries from which you wish to borrow so that your record is available on their system.  You will still need to provide your home university ID card, current enrolment advice and your university email address when you first borrow items.

Curtin University Update

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the Library refurbishment, only current Curtin staff and students are able to access the Library buildings, request and borrow items from the print collections. We are not currently issuing memberships for other university staff and students at this time.

How to register:

  • Click on the Registration Form link
  • From the AAF WAYF form select your own institution from the drop down menu then click on Select
  • When prompted, enter your own university username and password
  • You will then be presented with the WAGUL Reciprocal Borrower Registration form that has been populated with your details
  • Continue to fill in the blank fields and click on Register.

Note: You can select more than one library to register with at a time.  Your details will be sent to the libraries which you have selected and a record will be created on their system.  All fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

Please remember:

  • Reciprocal borrowing rights are valid for the current academic year and will expire on the 28th of February of the following year.
  • While using another University’s library you are bound by their rules and regulations.

For further information check the individual library’s website.

If you experience any problems registering, please contact your home institution using the email link below.


Murdoch – Murdoch Library general enquiries

Curtin –